What is the purpose of the "use" button when I tap a villager ?

Johnny Skowron -

When you tap a villager a menu appears. At the bottom you can see a "use" button in blue.

Click on it and if you have a birthday cake or a mushroom grog, for exemple, you can give to him. But what is the effect ?

Screenshot_2012-09-23-22-46-38.png Mushroom grog : Gives 100 xp to the selected villager .

Screenshot_2012-09-23-22-46-48.png Birthday cake : You can change some clothes for your villager .

Screenshot_2012-09-23-22-46-31.png Love potion : Restore all the happiness to the selected villager .

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    Susie jin

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    Kim Moore

    When I click on use button no pictures are there and can't click on anything why is this?

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