The Artifact Stones

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You will get one Art Stone T4 when maxing an Artifact 4HE_BgStar.png, this Art Stone is then used to purchase an Artifact 5HE_BgStar.png. Artifact 5HE_BgStar.png will be unlocked at the Artifact Shop as soon as you have obtained your first Art Stone T4.

The same apply for the Art Stone T5. You get one for each artifact 5HE_BgStar.png you will max, and you will unlock the Artifact 6HE_BgStar.png at the shop after obtaining your first Art Stone T5.

There are 18 Artifacts 5HE_BgStar.png, you will get 18 Art Stone T5 from maxing the artifacts to purchase 6 Artifacts 6HE_BgStar.png. To purchase more Artifacts 6HE_BgStar.png, you will have to buy extra Art Stone T5 at the Arena Shop.

When installing the update 1.5, if you had at least one artifact 4HE_BgStar.png maxed or own one 5HE_BgStar.png, you automatically get 20 Art Stone T4.

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